It’s All About Your Business’ Data Security


Are you leveraging secure cloud solutions or making the best use of the latest security applications and practices?


Are your patient records, corporate documents, etc., safe from malware, ransom ware, etc., attacks?


Are you proactively protecting your data at the byte level from inside out?


Are your servers secure and is your data unrecognizable from attackers should it be compromised?


Do you have a proactive security solution in place that blocks advanced threats; a private cloud security solution that delivers up-to-the-minute protection against malware, DDoS and other advanced attacks, and enhances the customer’s existing security posture by improving the effectiveness of firewalls, IDS/IPS, routers, switches, endpoint and other security tools?


What cost would you incur once you data is under attack and/or your entire network is taken down by malware or ransom ware? The probability of incurring huge costs to regain access to your own data is a certainty, not to mention the breach in client privacy and security that is exponential.


Your business is important to us. Your data security is important to us. Your clients have the right to trust that you are providing the utmost privacy and data security at the highest level. The livelihood of your business is important to Guardian.


It’s important to Guardian IT Solutions that everything, and anything, we offer can and will make the customer more safe. It’s possible to be in compliance and still be compromised. It’s also possible to ensure the safety of data by simply turning off the machines (though harder to do business). Our methodology is to provide solid hosting, compliance and verification, ensure data security and safety and manage the continuing threat of a compromise. All the main points to any compliance model (logs, reporting, data retention models, etc.) are well understood by our team and our partners. It’s the detail around understanding and protecting the customer stack that makes all the difference between a “check the box” model (which may or may not work, but you’ll know in either case immediately) and a comprehensive, managed model.


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