Be Prepared.


  • Have you ever had to pay a hefty sum to criminal hackers? Do you worry about it?


  • Have you ever conducted a simulated cyber attack within your company to see what your employees do while under attack? Do your employees know what to do if under cyber attack?


  • Do you have hardware and system redundancies built into your budget and operational plan?


  • Does the expense of running legacy gear impact your ability to act with speed?


  • Do you need to scale IT resources?


  • Are you running multiple server clusters in complex configurations?


  • Have you experienced application, service, system hardware and site failures in multiple organizations, i.e., accounting, engineering and/or marketing (single device clusters)?


  • Do you see a need to simplify clusters, making them more secure, and enhancing cluster stability?


  • Our technology partners help to guard against three specific types of failures – Application, Software and Essential Services


  • Do you guard against hardware failures such as CPUs, drives, memory, network gear and power supplies


  • Do you guard against site failures such as natural disasters, power outages, and/or connectivity outages?


Guardian IT Solutions and our partners are at your service.